Q: I have seen devices, like phone covers, that claim to block EMF radiations. How is your product protecting me from those radiations?

A: coMra Wave technology does not work on the principle of blocking the radiation, as your cell phone would no longer work correctly. It uses some of the radiation as a power source to generate an electromagnetic signature that is beneficial in the re-balancing of water. This also benefits the water in your body when our products are in close proximity to you.

Q: Does your product change the pH of water?

A: There is no change in pH observed through scientific testing. The change in the structure of the water pertains to the bulk water cluster sizes and dynamics, not the chemical composition or the content of the water.

Q: Has your product been tested?

A: Yes, it has been tested with a range of different scientific approaches. Nuclear Magnetic resonance (NMR), microwave spectrum and power analysis, and dissolved oxygen tests. The results from all these tests show that coMra Wave technology re-balances the quality of the water closer to that of natural water. Our research is continually on-going and we also publish and share our research results on our website. Have a look at our research pages for more information.

Q: What is the radiation reduction from your products?

A: It very much depends on the make and model of your cell phone. We have tested on average a 25% reduction. For some phones we have measured up to a 50% reduction. See our Radiation Protection research page for more information.

Q: How many glasses of energised water should I drink per day?

A: Each person is different, so it is up to you. We drink at least four glasses of energised water per day. There are no known dis-advantages to drinking more energised water.

Q: Are your products suitable for pregnant women?

A: Yes, they are suitable for pregnant women. Pregnant women are frequently purchasing these products for radiation protection for themselves and their unborn baby.

Q: If I use your product on my phone, will my phone still work?

A: Yes. coMra Wave technology does not interfere with the correct operation of your phone or other wireless products. Our product uses a different approach which does not block the wireless radiation, but instead uses a little of it to generate a signature that can be used to assist in the transformation of the structure of the water, and the water in your body.


Tests, results and case reports for coMra Wave technology.
The research pages that follow introduce the coMra Wave dual function, and the experiments and measurements that provide the basis of the coMra Wave product range.

Normally such research is not made publicly available, hence many devices rely on consumer opinion as to their effectiveness. We seek to change this approach in providing sound and systematic evaluation of the principles and performance of coMra Wave.


coMra Wave, water, vitality and balance
Why do we feel tired when we are not really that exhausted, is there any other reason for that except for the stress? How it happens that some people seems to have an enormous resource of energy and some are just the opposite? How the quality of the water that you drink daily will affect your energy levels?